Angela & Sarah offer individual counselling as well as interactive half and full day workshops in the area of Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue Management and Building Resilience. Workshops are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Through awareness and a system of self-care, professionals can improve their own resiliency, and maintain wellness through the inevitable stressors of working in the “high-touch” professions and trauma fields.GreenCross

The list is not all-inclusive, however some relevant professionals include social workers, psychologists, medical professionals (including doctors & nurses), child protection workers, victim advocates, police office officers, fire fighters, court staff, teachers, naturopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, trauma responders, ambulance workers, journalists, veterinarians, animal rescue workers and volunteers responding in these areas.

Most people who are exposed to traumatic information in their work will experience some symptoms of vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue at some point in time as it is an inevitable occupational hazard working in these fields. The most important thing is to be able to be able to recognise the warning signs so the potential of these impacts in the workplace can be minimized and overcome.

Vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue management is a specialised area of work involving specific knowledge, assessments, tools and strategies that will assist you to recognise exactly how you are being impacted by your work. Once you are able to do this, you can start to create your own intentional self-care plan; for reducing vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue symptoms and experience while at the same time starting to build your resilience and vicarious resilience to preventing future episodes.

Angela is an Internationally Certified Compassion Fatigue Therapist and Educator and an active member of the International Green Cross Academy of Traumatology. Angela and Sarah possess Certificate IV in Training & Assessment Qualifications, are specifically trained and are experienced in “helping the helper” to overcome the potential occupational hazards of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.   They have over a combined 30 years of experience as trauma practitioners and have provided extensive counselling and training in the trauma field both nationally and internationally.


Angela and Sarah have provided several workshops and training to professional groups in this highly specialised area, and are available for half and full days. “Low Impact Debriefing within organisations” is also another workshop offered for workers in the trauma and human service fields.

The types of issues covered in workshops and individual counselling include:


Defining concepts of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, vicarious resilience and compassion satisfaction.



Identifying your level of vicarious trauma and/or compassion fatigue



Understanding vulnerability to stress, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue



Knowing your early warning signs



Learning about and developing understanding of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout.



Developing skills to protect yourself from vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue



Building resilience



Building vicarious resilience and compassion satisfaction



Workplace Wellness


Live Well and Work Well Workshops

Angela is an Extended DISC Accredited Consultant and Trainer for all Extended DISC Personal Analysis and Team Analysis products and is qualified to administer Personal and Team analysis services and facilitate Extended DISC team building workshops.  Angela and Sarah are Resilience at Work (R@W) Accredited Coaches and Educators.

Angela and Sarah also offer a range of workshops to organisations in a variety of industry and community settings including women’s wellness, work place wellness, SMART Goal setting, healthy lifestyle and youth empowerment workshops.

For an organisational needs assessment related to workshops in this highly specialised area please contact

Interactive Workshops

For organisations considering booking an interactive workshop.  The benefits of reducing vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue in the workplace are numerous –  including reduced absenteeism, enhanced quality of work with clients, increased work/life balance of staff, improved mental and physical wellness of staff, reduced staff turnover, improved staff morale, decreased stress and anxiety, more motivation and energy and improved relationships overall – both personal and professional.

For an organisational needs assessment related to workshops in this highly specialised area please contact


The fee is $140 per session. Sessions are 1 hour in length. Double sessions are available on request. Medicare rebate available. We accept credit and debit cards, cheques and cash and full payment is required at the time of consultation. Please Note: We have the "Mediclear" system available at the Eastwood Practice which means clients can pay the full amount on the day and be reimbursed the Medicare rebate on that day into their cheque or savings account.


Cancellations and Missed Appointments

The scheduled appointment time is reserved for you. If you miss an appointment, or you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be billed a $50 cancellation fee. Medicare does not cover payment for missed appointments.


Doctor's Referral

Angela and Sarah are recognised Accredited Mental Health Social Workers, registered with Medicare and have provider numbers. This means you are able to apply the Medicare rebate to the session fee.
When you obtain a referral from a GP, Medicare covers most of your fee ($74.80) with the exception of a $65.20 gap payment. Medicare's "Better Access to Mental Health Care" scheme provides this rebate for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.
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